Top 4 Ways Vinyl windows can Save you Money this Winter

Have you been wrapping your windows in unsightly plastic during winters past in an effort to make your home more energy efficient? While doing so is an effective temporary solution when dealing with older windows, at some point you’ll want to make the fix more permanent. 

1. New Vinyl Windows Save Money

Simply by upgrading your current single pane windows with new vinyl windows, homeowners can expect a significant increase in their comfort level. You’ll notice a sharp reduction in the amount of drafts that escape from around your windows as they establish an airtight seal around their parameter.

2. The Energy Savings Continue for Years

While you’ll notice an immediate difference in your comfort level that will enable you to set your thermostat lower, the monetary benefits don’t stop there. Consider replacing your windows to be an investment in the long term scheme of your home. Depending on the size of your home, weather conditions and a host of other factors, you could save between $100 and $400 a year on your utility bills over the lifetime of your home.

3. Utility Savings All Year Long

Savings on your winter utility bills are not the only time you can count on after you have new vinyl windows installed. During the scorching heat, vinyl windows keep cool air from your comfort system inside your home where it belongs. This can help your warm weather utility bills fall to more reasonable levels while you enjoy a more comfortable summer.

4. It Simply Looks Better

You can put the money you’ve been spending on plastic toward vinyl windows. Because vinyl windows look better, they increase the curb appeal of your home if you are trying to sell it. Even if you have no plans to sell your home, it will also look better from the inside which can lend itself to other decorating schemes.

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