Three Economical Advantages of Fiberglass Windows

Your home’s windows might work, but are they economical? C&T Siding offers some of the leading “green” options around for homeowners, and we’ve invested years in collecting today’s most reliable products. Whether you’re trying to save money on the power bill or a repair, fiberglass windows might be your best option.

Astounding Insulation

A lot of homeowners install fiberglass windows because of their awesome insulation potential. Fiberglass’s conductivity is 800 times less than aluminum. So, it’s an optimum material for home insulation. Our Ultrex® Fiberglass collection is considered to be the ultimate window replacement material. If your power bill keeps rising due to temperature fluctuations, you might want to consider aluminum.


Fiberglass windows are incredibly weather-resistant, too. Capable of deflecting corrosive salt air, high temperatures and even ice, fiberglass has become a leading window option in both hot and cold areas alike. Plus, fiberglass is easy to clean and care for. Many fiberglass window installations pack an additional, invisible layer of titanium dioxide. This material reacts with the sun’s UV rays chemically, decomposing any organic material resting on the glass.

Structural Integrity

If you’ve been feeling drafts, you might need a sustainable window framework. Fortunately, fiberglass window frames are structurally superior to vinyl and metal. In fact, fiberglass frame corners often feature rigid integral nailing fins. These fins boost the window’s overall structural integrity. They also make repair, removal and re-installation a lot easier.

Creative Possibilities

Because fiberglass is easily colored, styled and installed, fiberglass windows are available in a variety of options. C&T Siding fiberglass windows offer a slew of fiberglass window designs. If you want to take your window’s customization to the next level, install real wood atop the fiberglass. Or, simply repaint the windows as needed.

An Environmental Design

Fiberglass is made out of—you guessed it—glass. This means it’s recyclable.  It also means it creates fewer air quality issues than leading alternatives. If you care about being environmentally conservative, consider replacing your current installation with a fiberglass design. Not only will you save money, you’ll contribute to a healthier earth.

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