The Best Home Improvements to Save Energy

Energy efficient options for home improvement are no longer expensive; as a matter of fact, you have the opportunity to save money in the short and long term if you make it a point to go green. Here are some of the best energy-saving home improvements that C&T Siding can implement for you today.

Installing New Windows and Doors

Let C&T Siding add a layer of caulking or weather stripping around your windows. This is a cheap way to ensure better insulation in your home, saving you money on your heating and power bills. This home improvement is especially important to consider the change in seasons, when materials in your home may contract or expand.

If you are dealing with older windows that have a single pane, then you may need a complete replacement. C&T Siding is the window contractor that can give you a modern vinyl or fiberglass window that will help to keep your interior temperature much more regulated.

Insulation Around the Home

If your home has an attic, then you have extra space to think about in terms of insulation. Many older homes were built without a true knowledge of how to maintain the interior temperature in an attic. We know that hot air rises and if your attic is not properly insulated, that hot air is rising right into the sky, making your home much more difficult to heat in the winter months. Stop this right now with an extra layer of insulation in your attic.

Improving Your Water System

There are probably many ways that you can save money with water in your home. If you have not installed low flow shower heads, toilets, and faucets, then you are likely using more water than you need to. These improvements are relatively simple to install, so you can start earning money back in savings from the improvement very quickly.

You may also be able to improve your efficiency with a new water heater. Newer tankless water heaters give you hot water when you need it rather than wasting energy keeping water hot 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Let the home improvement and repair experts at C&T Siding handle your energy efficient home improvements. Call us at (651) 483-6146 or visit our website. We specialize in the communities of western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota, and we are ready to help you today!

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