Recognize the Signs That Your Windows and Siding Need Replacing

The siding, windows, and doors keep your home comfortable and safe from inclement weather. What are the signs they need replacing?

Windows with Rotten Wood

The frames of wooden windows can rot over time, become loose and no longer waterproof. Rain and moisture can enter and create damage to the living space. Insects, such as ants, can also enter the home’s interior, searching for food and a nesting place. Old wooden windows are very susceptible to these problems, and a professional window contractor can suggest a better alternative.

Fiberglass windows are a great option for replacement windows because they resist rot. Vinyl window also offers more resistance to moisture and rot.

Non Operable Windows and Doors

Windows and doors that won’t open can cause serious safety issues for a family. In the case of a fire or other emergency situation, you could become trapped, especially on the second floor of a home. Fiberglass windows or vinyl windows are considered more reliable as an escape exit. Ultrex/wood windows are also a safer choice for your family.

Windows and Doors that Leak

If you can feel the air blowing in from the outside, you need to consult a window contractor. Cold or hot air leaking into a house from windows or exterior doors puts a strain on HVAC equipment, resulting in expensive repairs. Exterior doors, especially patio doors, need to be checked periodically.

Cracked or Rotted Siding

If your home’s siding is cracked or has soft spots, this means it no longer protects the interior of the house, allowing damage to occur. If you have damaged siding, call C&T Siding at 651-483-6146 to speak with one of our siding contractors.

Fiber cement siding offers better moisture protection at an affordable price for the homeowner needing to replace old siding. For a very budget-friendly siding option, consider speaking with LP siding contractors. New siding, either fiber cement or LP, can improve your home curb appeal.

Seamless steel siding provides an exterior cladding for your home that is gorgeous and gap-free. It also never needs repainting, which makes it a popular choice for homeowners. Check out the website of C&T Siding to contact Emco Steel siding contractors.

Check the Roof

The source of problems with siding, windows, and doors can  be caused by the roof. Ask siding contractors to check the roof of any additions such as sunrooms or screen porches. Call C&T Siding to explore roof upgrades such as metal roofing or shake or slate roofs.

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