How Much Money are You Losing with Your Old Windows?

The bad news first: your home is losing up to 30% of heating and cooling energy through the windows. What this actually means is that air from the HVAC system is either getting sucked out of the house, or drafts are entering the house affecting the temperature inside. Either way, your heating and cooling unit has to work twice as hard to deliver the desired results. So if you find yourself jacking up the heating or turning down the AC to cool the interior, you’re just throwing money out the window – literally.

Four Factors in Determining Heating and Cooling Energy Loss

●        U-Factor (or U-Value). Windows are rated according to how much heat loss they allow. The greater a window’s ability to resist heat flow, the higher its rating.

●        Reflection Rate. A quality window should be able to reflect 40% to 70% of the sun’s rays and heat. Any window that reflects less than 40% should never be purchased. It is not a quality window.

●        Energy Star Rating. In Wisconsin, humidity and extremely cold temperatures can put a beating on a window. Therefore Energy Star requires that a window meets or exceed a 30% insulation rating to combat both humidity and freezing temps.

●        Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). A rating determined on how effectively a window can block the sun’s heat. The lower a window’s solar heat gain measurement, the less solar heat it allows through the glass.

Older Homes: Money Traps?

If you’re considering buying an older home, one of the first things you’ll want to do is have the windows and doors inspected. These are some of the key areas where drafts are likely to occur. An inspection should reveal the overall condition of the framework, the condition of the seals around the glass, and how tight the windows are against the rest of the framework.

By having the windows inspected before you purchase a home, you could avoid the possibility of having to purchase all new windows once you move in. Although new windows are a sound investment, they can also be costly for someone just moving into a home for the first time. It is wise to have the windows inspected before you move into any home.

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