4 Ways to Secure Your Windows and Doors

Within the United States, 66% of burglaries happen at residences. Your home the criminally-minded are attracted to homes, more so than businesses. You can infer that criminals are more attracted to residences, as opposed to businesses because homes are an easy target. You don’t have to be a victim when it comes to home burglaries. Our team at C & T Siding has discovered ways you can improve your home’s security by securing your windows and doors.

Tip #1. Secure Air Conditioners in Your Window

Many households have air conditioner window units. In smaller households, these units help reduce the cost of energy because a smaller area is cooled. Unfortunately, using these units exposes your home to criminals if you are not careful. Window air conditioning units are typically held in by gravity and the window. Very few people attempt to secure their windows after the unit is placed in the window. Additionally, many units have accordion-style panels that are easily compromised by a burglar.

You have a few options when it comes to securing your window air conditioning unit. You can attach bars outside your window that places your window and your air conditioner in an enclosure. You can also screw or nail down your window to prevent burglars from removing your air conditioner and gaining access to your home. If you choose the latter method, you should also invest in metal or wooden panels to block access to your home by removing the panels.

Tip #2. Purchase Windows with Locks and Use the Locks

Research shows that 30% of burglars gain access to residential homes via an unlocked or open door or window. To secure your home, you must start with a lock. If your windows don’t have locks, you should consider investing in new windows. At C & T Siding, we can help you determine the best approach to securing your home by choosing the latest windows and doors. By choosing windows and doors that new, your windows will likely incorporate the latest technologies to keep both you and your family safe.

Tip #3. Purchase an Entry Door that Doesn’t Contain Glass

Although entry doors with glass are attractive, these doors give burglars a way in your home. A burglar can easily smash the window insert and unlock your door. Once in, they have access to all of your personal belongings. Additionally, if you have a sidelight beside your door, you may want to consider replacing it with an oversized door.

Tip #4. Upgrade Your Deadbolt and Lockset

Another way burglars gain access to your home is by compromising your locks. Over time, daily use of locks can damage them. Whether your lockset has loosened over the years, or your deadbolt becomes harder to unlock, you likely need a new set of locks. If you fail to update your locks, you make it easy for robbers to gain access to your home.

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