4 Ways to Choose the Right Windows for Your Home

If you are one of the many homeowners who has decided to make 2017 the year for replacing your windows, you already know the many benefits that you’ll experience. Not only will you be able to save money on your utility bills and be comfortable while doing so, the value and beauty of your home will increase as well. Do you know how to find the best windows? The following tips can help. 

1. New or Replacement Windows? 

As a homeowner, if you want to change the shape and/or size of the windows that you currently have, you’ll have to opt for new windows. In addition to the cost of the windows, expect to pay more for installation than you would if you chose replacement windows.

Replacement windows, on the other hand, typically involves using the existing window frame and trim. The installation of the new window within that existing space means that you’ll spend less on labor.

2. Which Type of Window?

Most homes have either single or double hung windows. With most modern homes, double hung windows — those that can be opened from either the top or the bottom — are commonly seen. Other types of windows include casement windows which are hinged vertically and swing out to open, slider windows which slide open from side to side and awning windows which tilt open from the bottom.

3. Which Type of Material? 

Today, most windows are made either of wood or vinyl. While wood is prized for its insulating qualities and its beauty, it requires a great deal of maintenance in order to look good. Vinyl continues to grow in popularity — and for good reason. Not only is it affordable and an ideal insulator, it also looks great and requires almost no maintenance. A variation that combines wood’s beauty with a coating of vinyl on the outside provides a maintenance free option called vinyl clad windows.

4. Which Kind of Glass? 

These days, you can choose from single-pane windows to those that are made of quadruple-pane glass. Additionally, some other glass types that you should be aware of include impact resistant glass which won’t shatter if broken and low emissivity glass that reduces the heat that can escape from it.

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