3 Ways New Windows can Improve Your Home This Spring

If improvements to your home are on your to-do list this spring, don’t forget to add in the installation of brand new windows. C&T Siding is a locally owned business that’s been serving the western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota area for more than 30 years. During that time, we’ve installed many windows — always to the delight of our customers! Here are the top reasons they tell us that they are so happy with replacing their windows:¬†

1. Increase Air Circulation

After the long winter, it is a joy for many homeowners to be able to open their windows and breathe in the fresh and natural air. If your windows are old, in disrepair, or simply not working as smoothly anymore, it can be more of a hassle than a help to fling them open this spring. C&T Siding can install new windows that work smoothly and easily so that you can enjoy airing out your home. Slider windows and casement windows are window styles that allow for a maximum in airflow.

2. Boost Natural Light

There’s nothing quite like having lots of natural light to flood into your home after a long and frigid winter in eastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Replacing the windows in your home that face to the east can help maximize the exposure to this light. Both bow windows and bay windows are designed to offer oversized views of the outside as well as an increase in your home’s ventilation. Just be sure to choose windows that have a low-e coating to keep the sun rays from harming your home’s furniture, flooring, draperies, and more.

3. Save Energy This Summer — And All Year Long!

While you’ll welcome¬†the seasonal warming that comes with spring, it won’t be long before it will morph into summer. Having new windows installed this spring means that your summer cooling costs will be lower. Of course, these energy savings don’t simply end when you turn off your air conditioning system. You’ll also spend less heating your home next winter, too.

Have we convinced you that your home needs new windows this spring? At C&T Siding, we’re standing by to answer all of your questions about window installation as well as any of our other services. Visit our website for more information or schedule a free estimate by calling 651.483.6146.

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