Window Replacements for Season Changes

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Seasons change the weather outside of your home, and they change your home as well. The materials used on your home’s exterior may contract and expand around your windows, creating the need for a replacement. Here are some of the most important things for you to consider when replacing windows because of seasonal changes:

The Differences in Season

The process for installing windows is generally the same in the summer and winter months. However, the methods employed are slightly different depending on the season. For instance, winter installations are usually done one window at a time in order to conserve energy. In most cases, winter installations require a higher degree of professional skill, because each window must be perfectly installed before moving on to the next one.

Different Types of Windows

The vinyl that is in most modern windows does become brittle in cold weather. If you are looking for bow or bay windows, it is advisable to install them during a warmer time of the year. This is also true of windows with aluminum cladding – they require a professional who knows how to bend the window properly, and this can be very difficult in cold weather.


Make sure that your window installer is using insulating foams and caulking materials that are rated for the temperature that you are currently experiencing. It is also possible to warm up the foam or caulking material before it is applied to ensure its malleability.

In short, installations in the winter months will usually take longer, especially if there is snow that has not been cleared from the work area. Make sure that you have a professional installer who understands the techniques that work best for the winter months. Although things usually go smoothly in the summer months, you should also ensure that your installer is using the most cost effective techniques to give you a great installation without wasting your money.

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