The Benefits of Replacing Drafty Windows

Maintain Your Comfort Zone

When a leaky window allows the outside air to push into the inside of the house, the result is not very pleasant for the homeowner. Rooms with drafty windows prevent an air conditioner or furnace from maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the year and can cause energy bills to be much higher. The home’s heating and cooling equipment must work much harder than it would in a weather-tight home.

Improved insulating glass in replacement windows can stop cold air from infiltrating the home in the winter and making sitting beside a window a chilly and very unpleasant experience. The insulated glass will keep the warm air inside the room from escaping, which will make you feel cozy and toasty warm instead of feeling cold.

UV Control Protects Home Furnishings

New high-performance replacement windows that close properly and create a tight seal work to keep your home’s interior at a constant temperature as well as regulate how much sunlight enters the home. With fewer UV rays coming through the windows, you will have less fading of your furniture, artwork, carpets and curtains, which could be costly to replace. You will also experience less uncomfortable overheating when seated next to a window on the sunny side of your home.

Protecting Your Valuable Possessions

Old windows can also present a safety hazard for you and your family because they can give a thief an easy way to enter your home and steal your valuables. Some older windows won’t shut or latch properly or close tightly, making your home vulnerable to break-ins. Even the best security system can’t compensate for windows that offer little or no security for you and your family. Replacement windows can provide the protection you need.

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Old, drafty windows can cost your more than just diminished curb appeal. Windows that leak cold air in winter and hot air in summer can cost you plenty of cash in energy bills.

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