How to Choose a Window Contractor

Do you want to replace those drafty windows in your home but don’t know which company to trust? How do you find a window contractor that does quality work at affordable prices?

Ask For Certification

Professional window contractors have plenty of training and experience. They aren’t amateurs installing windows as a part-time job. At C&T Siding, we know customers want a reliable technician that shows up on time to work and completes the project in a timely manner. We understand customers want their replacement windows installed properly so their home is weather tight and comfortable. Our window contractors only recommend the best brands of windows and doors for your home improvement project, so there’s never a question of quality of materials.

Ask a Lot More Questions

If you are thinking about replacement windows, ask the potential window contractors lots of questions. Your contractor should have no problem answering your inquiries about the type of window that’s best for your home and climate, comparison of window brands, and all installation details of the work needed to complete the job.

Ask for a Project Plan

Your window contractor should be able to provide you with a free estimate and a plan of how the work is to be completed. Every detail should be out in the open with no hidden costs. If extra work is needed, such as replacing rotten wood around windows or repairing and painting damaged sheetrock, the window contractor should discuss this before any work begins.

At C&T Siding we make sure our customers are well-informed of the job’s cost and procedure up front. We want our customers to be satisfied with our work every step of the way because we value honesty and trust in business.

Is Any Extra Material Needed?

The contractor should also discuss whether any extra building materials are needed to complete the job. Will lumber, sheetrock, molding or joint compound be needed for repairs? Ask the potential window contractor to provide you with a cost estimation for these items. If you

Stress-free Installation

If you want replacement windows and need a trustworthy contractor, contact C&T Siding. Our highly trained window contractors can not only help you select the right replacement windows, but they’ll also ensure you receive an installation of excellent craftsmanship that remains problem-free for years to come.

We Install:

●        Ultrex/Wood Windows

●        Vinyl Windows

●        Fiberglass Windows

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