4 Criteria for Choosing the Right Windows

Windows are a crucial element in the design of any home. Today’s windows offer a wide array of options and features that allow homeowners to build or renovate their home to their exact specifications. Before choosing just any window, however, you need to educate yourself in order to make an informed decision. Below are four essential criteria for you to consider.

Insulation Rating

Just like insulation, windows are rated according to how much sunlight and heat or cold they allow to pass through. This type of rating is known as the U-factor or U-value. The lower the U-factor rating, the higher the insulative property of the window. Energy Star offers reports and information all windows manufacturers in the United States and provides ratings for consumers. C & T offers Energy Star approved windows that meet or exceed all rating standards.

Quality of Construction

Not all windows are created equal. The hallmark of any good window is the manufacturing company that produced it. When shopping for windows, you need to look at the manufacturer as much as you do the product. What type of reputation does the company have in the industry and what is the reputation of the products they deliver? This will give you some insight into how well they build their windows. Before making the purchase, always look at the warranty package.

What is the Window Made of?

There are at least a dozen options for choosing the material that windows are made of. In some cases, homeowners will choose a window because of the durability of the material. In other cases, however, a homeowner may make a decision based on how the window looks. Regardless, it’s a good idea to have a basic understanding of the main types of window materials. Some of the most popular include:

●        Aluminum Windows

●        Wood Windows

●        Fiberglass Windows

●        Vinyl Windows

Who is Installing Your Windows?

If the saying, “You get what you pay for,” is true, then, by all means, do not hire a cheap contractor. Instead, look for a contractor that is certified and licensed, experienced, has a solid reputation with homeowners in Roberts, Wisconsin, and can provide references and samples of previous work. Choose a lot contractor who can be there for you when you need them. When meeting with a contractor, make sure you ask lots of questions about both the work being done on your windows and the product being installed.

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