Why Vinyl & Fiberglass Windows Are Perfect For Winter

Although the weather is slowly becoming less favorable due to the cold season settling in, there’s no reason why your home should be chilly, even with the heat cranked on. Your home is your ultimate protection from the winter elements, so you shouldn’t have to suffer from drafty windows and doors. 

In addition to being an undesirable temperature inside, a drafty home can lead to enormous heating bills that can leave your wallet empty. However, the right window installation not only helps you control the temperature of your home, but it can drastically cut your heating bills.

Thankfully, this is where vinyl and fiberglass windows come into play. Due to their low maintenance, thermal resistance, and affordability, vinyl and fiberglass windows have been the perfect choice for individuals searching for energy efficiency in their households.

So how do vinyl and fiberglass windows help keep your home warm and save you money? Let’s take a look:

●        Created To Insulate. Both fiberglass and vinyl windows are fantastic for home insulation and maintaining a comfortable room temperature. Many vinyl windows come with multiple chambered profiles that are sealed with air pockets, which prevent air leakage. These air pockets keep the cold air outside and the warm air inside, which eliminates drafts and maintains the room temperature.

●        High Durability

As for fiberglass windows, they’re known for being incredibly tough. How tough? Well, they’re eight times stronger in comparison to vinyl windows. They’re so tough that fiberglass windows are often utilized for bridge construction. So considering how strong fiberglass windows are, it should be easily understood that a cold winter gust wouldn’t stand a chance slipping through a fiberglass window.

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Considering the information above, installing vinyl or fiberglass windows would be a fantastic way to save money and keep your home warm during the colder weather. Thankfully, C&T Siding is here to not only install your new windows, but provide you with additional energy saving information when heating or cooling your home. Contact us today for further information!

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