Lindsay CrownView Vinyl Windows: Cost-Effective Style for Your Home

Vinyl is typically the material of choice for homeowners looking to replace their worn-out windows and revitalize their home’s exterior. Vinyl windows are cost-effective and offer many benefits such as enhanced energy efficiency and weather resistance.

You don’t have to sacrifice style to obtain these benefits with vinyl. With endless design options, we can help you select windows that fit the look and feel of your home. Whether your home is a traditional craftsman or a modern bungalow, there’s a vinyl window for your style that budget.

Vinyl windows from Lindsay

Why Choose Vinyl Windows?


Vinyl windows cost less to make and install than other window types. They’re great for homeowners who are planning on selling or renting their home after replacement.


Our windows, made by Lindsay CrownView, meet all standards set by ENERGY STAR. The thermal properties of these windows don’t deteriorate over time, resulting in lower energy bills.

Endless Design Options

Vinyl windows come in many different styles from bay to picture to double-hung. There’s also a wide range of color options to choose from.


With multi-point weather sealing locks, double-strength insulated glass and a strong sash bond, these windows are weather-resistant against the strongest rain and snow.

Easy Operation

Our windows feature tilt-in sashes for easy cleaning as well as contoured lift rails for easy opening. Other accessories are available to improve functionality such as extension jambs.

Advantage Guarantee

C&T Siding warrants the workmanship of every job we complete for the lifetime of the product installed. We stand behind our work.

Beautiful Vinyl Window Installation From Start to Finish

Design Consultations to Ensure the Right Fit

At C&T Siding, we promise expert service and installation from the get-go. Before we lift a hammer, our in-house design consultant will spend time helping you select the right vinyl window color and types for your home.

Custom Millwork & Finishing Touches

We take extra care to ensure your windows fit your home perfectly, no matter how unique. Through our custom millwork capabilities, we can match your new window trim to the trim around your home. We also fill each nail hole, apply the right caulk, and custom stain or paint the trim to finish the job.

Installer of beautiful vinyl windows

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of vinyl windows depends on factors such as size and window type. Typically, we find that vinyl windows cost approximately $1,200 per window.

Vinyl windows will last 8-12 years with proper installation and care.

Yes. Over time, and as a result of the harsh Upper Midwest elements, vinyl windows may crack or warp. It’s important to keep an eye out for windows that need repair or replacement to best protect your home.

Yes. We’ll work with you to paint or stain your vinyl windows to match the interior and exterior of your home perfectly.

View Our Recent Projects for Inspiration

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