Why Vinyl Siding Goes Perfectly with Stonework

If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve probably considered a stonework installation as an accent on your home’s siding. The rustic, contemporary look of stone accent work and a well-trimmed yard is enough to make anyone envious. Before setting your next home siding in stone, however, you should consider investing in a powerful stone siding partner: Vinyl siding.

Vinyl and Stone

As you’re choosing a color home’s siding, take a minute to acknowledge its best angle. What color scheme best fits your home? To be proactive about your choice, go with vinyl siding. Then, pick out your color profile. There’s no set rule for mixing stonework and vinyl siding, so you’ll have plenty of wiggle room to create the coolest look on the block.

This isn’t to say their pairing should be taken lightly, however. As you break down your upcoming installation, consider the awesome benefits the duo can provide:

●        Boosting Your Secondary House Color

By installing vinyl siding, you’re immediately establishing your home as a place worthy of new colors, accents, body colors, and potentially, inspiring stonework. Don’t finalize your installation yet, because beige is a particularly good color profile to examine.

Before you know it, you’ll have created an awesome exterior based on subtle, earthy roots. Because vinyl is incredibly durable, it’ll serve as the strong foundation upon which your home’s newest additions can thrive.

●        Our Personal Recommendation

Here at C&T Siding, we’re all about customization, personalization, and great styles. Why not try out a field stone design or even cobblestone? Shadow ledgestone, or even regular ledgestone, is yet another design option guaranteed to pack a punch in curb appeal.

If you want to pick something more subtle, Prairie-style architectural styles pair well with ledge stone. Your vinyl siding will protect the ridges, too, so your home will always be defended on all sides.

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