The Fiber Cement Weather Benefit

You’ve probably heard: Fiber cement siding is quickly becoming a leading option among homeowners. Aside from its economic advantages, fiber cement siding is surprisingly weather resistant. If you’re looking for a new way to insulate your home, defend against rain and block out the cold, consider fiber cement’s awesome benefits.

A Long Lifespan

Because fiber cement is a composite of cement, sand and cellulose fibers, it lasts a long time. This powerful material combination is also responsible for its weather-resistant qualities. While fiber cement’s upfront costs might be a little steep—compared to aluminum or vinyl, at least—it boasts a life expectancy of over 50 years.

The Anti-Humidity Solution

Fiber cement’s same design is incredibly resistant to humidity. Normally, humidity wreaks havoc on a home’s siding. Because fiber cement’s makeup makes it dimensionally stable, however, it’s incredibly protected from rain, sleet, and moist air.

It’s Sun-Resistant, Too

Fiber cement isn’t only resistant to humidity. It’s resistant to the sun, too. Fiber cement won’t wear down or deteriorate when exposed to constant UV rays. In fact, it’s one of the most UV-resistant materials currently available. If you live in a hot, dry area—or even a hot, moist area—fiber cement might be your best defense against continuous sun exposure.

Your Best Defense Against Warping and Rotting

While fiber cement might look like wood, it doesn’t act like it. When wood absorbs moisture from rain, humidity, and snow, it will warp, swell and rots. Fiber cement, meanwhile, resists the impact. It doesn’t even need to be sealed to provide its many benefits. Rather, its natural design protects a household, year-round, from the elements.

If you’re constantly facing insulation problems, humidity problems or drafts, consider swapping out your siding for steel cement siding. C&T Siding is here to help, and our siding contractors understand the ins and outs of a well-protected property. Our siding contracts can pinpoint your home’s problem areas, diligently outfitting the household with today’s leading siding anti-weather solutions. Call us today at 651-483-6146, and ask our siding contractors about available options.

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