Hiring a Contractor During the Winter Months

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t consider hiring a contractor during the winter unless there is a dire need for emergency repairs at your home. People have an idea the cold weather may prevent contractors from performing outdoor work, or may think of winter as being the off-season for construction. These are not true, contractors work throughout the year. A different aspect of not hiring a contractor is people wait until they’re doing spring cleaning or begin spending time outside to realize aspects of the house which may need repair or renovation. Although that’s a valid philosophy, it’s not always the best reason to postpone meeting with a contractor.

Reasons to Conduct Winter Construction

Obviously, if a winter storm causes damage to your home you need a contractor immediately. Voluntary renovations, on the other hand, can wait until spring. Keep in mind, the fact the contractor has the resources to make repairs in the winter means they also have the resources to conduct renovations. Another common reason to hire a contractor in the winter is if you plan to sell a house when the spring buying season arrives so any necessary work can be complete and the house ready to go on the market as soon as possible.

Considerations During Winter Work

Any work can be performed during the winter although weather and shorter days may affect the duration of the job. No decent contractor will force his employees to spend the day outside in sleet and freezing rain, and such weather can’t always be predicted. With that said, the workers will work in the cold and they will work from sunrise to sunset to make the job go as quickly as possible. Winter is a notoriously slow time for the construction trade and you can rest assured the workers want as much extra business as you can provide to help fill out their schedules.

Planning and Scheduling for a Spring Job

In some cases, even if you aren’t ready for the work to begin it may be in your best interest to go ahead and speak with a contractor about an upcoming job. You can get a step ahead for when the physical part of the job begins by having design prepared and permits drawn. Additionally, if you get on a contractor’s schedule during the winter you’ll be at the front of the line when other people start asking for availability as the spring building season begins.

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