Does Your Home Need a New Exterior?

You don’t live outside your house, you live in it. Therefore, you may not always realize how the exterior of your home appears to friends, neighbors, and guests. You may also not realize how important the exterior of your house is to the structural integrity of your home and the efficient functioning of the building. Even if such issues don’t matter to you, the exterior of your house is crucial toward maintaining the value of the house.

Wear Over Time

Your house was designed to protect you from the weather, but the same weather takes a toll on the exterior of your home over time. Most people don’t realize the amount of damage their homes sustain because it happens so slowly. Imagine how you realize just how dirty the house had become and you didn’t notice until having it professionally cleaned and realize that’s the difference you’ll see when you have a new exterior including siding, shutters, doors, windows, and gutters applied. Wear over time is different than immediate storm damage, when you look at your house every day there is no specific day which defines the accumulated damage.

Modern Siding and Windows

Other than cosmetic appeal, a new exterior incorporates modern materials with new technology. Siding has built in insulation and there are better linings to go under the siding which give the home a better seal. These attributes of modern techniques cut bills and improve interior air quality, while at the same time making the exterior look new with your choice of colors and textures.

Selling a House

In the overall scheme of things, rebuilding your home’s exterior is fairly inexpensive yet adds much more value than costs. Such value is important to you and your family as homeowners, but becomes especially important when you’re hoping to sell the house immediately as an investment or if you plan to live there for a set period of time in the hopes of receiving your money back when you decide to move. Moreover, a new exterior doesn’t just add appraisal value to the home, but entices potential buyers and helps the house sell faster so you have less holding costs and can get your investment money back in a liquid form for your next project.

Your home’s exterior needs to replaced at some point. Be aware of how your house looks comparative to new houses to determine if and when you may need to upgrade your exterior.

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