Choosing the Best Roof, Windows, and Siding for Your Home

What building materials are best for your home and budget? It can be very confusing without guidance.


If you want durability, metal roofing is one of the longest-lasting roofs for your money. Metal roofing systems are impervious to rot, insect damage or cracking. These roofs create a striking look when used to roof sunrooms, screen porches or gazebos.

Shake or slate roofs also offer a much longer lasting roof than asphalt shingles. Made of sturdy synthetic materials that won’t crack or fade, shake or slate roofs are highly-textured and much lighter than natural materials.


When it comes to siding, seamless steel offers a uniform-looking option that’s virtually free of maintenance chores. Seamless steel doesn’t fade in sunlight or warp like wood, and it doesn’t detach in high winds. If you would like more information, speak with Emco Steel siding contractors about the cost and benefits of seamless steel siding.

Fiber cement siding can improve your home’s curb appeal with its good looks and affordability. If you are concerned about weather damage, fiber cement siding offers excellent protection against freezing temperatures, storms, high winds and even fire.

LP siding is another affordable siding option to make your home’s exterior look new again. Call C&T Siding to speak with LP siding contractors about this option or contact one of C&T’s siding contractors at 651-483-6146 to learn more about this product.

Windows and Doors

If you are replacing or adding windows or exterior doors, such as a patio door leading to a deck, there are many exciting options available, such as Ultrex/wood windows. For updating your home’s appearance for resale, exterior doors and windows make a huge difference in your home’s appearance, comfort, and livability. Consulting one of our highly-trained window contractors will assist you to offers make the right choice for your home and budget.

Fiberglass windows can stand up to extreme winter temperatures without transmitting cold to the interior of the house. Window contractors agree that if you want low maintenance windows that won’t rot or need repainting, look no further than fiberglass windows.

Vinyl windows offer good looks at cost-effective prices. If you have a tight budget, vinyl windows are as energy efficient as more expensive windows. Keep in mind that vinyl windows look the best on more contemporary styled homes.

To make a dramatic statement, look no further than Ultrex/wood windows. These windows are the ultimate in beauty and elegance. Talk to one of our window contractors for further information on this product.

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