These Siding Upkeep Tips will Protect Your Home

Your home’s siding protects its interior, but even quality siding takes a beating. The sun’s rays, rain, mold and mildew take a toll on any home, but constant upkeep can reduce the wear-and-tear. C&T Siding has numerous options available to homeowners seeking reprieve from annual stressors. Our team is outfitted with the best tools, knowledge and siding repair equipment around. To protect your home’s siding even more, however, take the following siding upkeep tips to heart.

Tip One: Look for Cracked or Broken Sections

On your first siding check-up run-through, check the exterior for cracked, broken siding sections. Boards, bricks, stone, and other masonry can erode over time. When this happens, their material may be more prone to cracking. Even small cracks can become a big problem if they’re not tended to.

Tip Two: Inspect Unsealed Plumbing, Wiring and Phone Lines

Your home’s water, plumbing and power lines are well-protected. This said, the elements, age and utility maintenance may leave their storage areas exposed. If there are spaces around these lines, water, dirt, and grime may get beneath your siding. Then, it’s only a matter of time until your siding becomes damaged.

Tip Three: Get a Termite Inspection

Check your siding for signs of termites. While termites enjoy wood, they can chew through plaster—and even metal. Check for signs of termite activity at least once per month, and double-check any areas near the foundation where your home’s concrete joins its wooden surfaces.

Tip Four: Repair Loose Exhaust Vent Entrances

Sometimes, a home’s exhaust vents can become loose. If they aren’t hugging their gaskets, the space they create will become a breeding ground for moisture, insects, and mold. Thus, you’ll need to make sure your home’s exhaust vents are tightly secured—so as to keep your siding’s underside dry, safe and secure.

Tip Five: Get an Annual Check-Up

Finally, you should get a yearly siding examination conducted. Sometimes, the biggest damages to a home’s siding can’t be seen. C&T Siding professionals are trained to locate, eliminate and protect against the problems which destroy siding over time.

If you’re ready to get a siding examination, call us at 651-483-6146. Or, contact our team to get a free estimate if you feel your home needs siding repair. We’ve served our community for years, and we want to give back to the homeowners responsible for our incredible success as a roof, siding, window and door provider.

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