How Winter Weather Affects Your Vinyl Siding

Western Wisconsin is no stranger to freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall, but the season can take a toll on your home in many ways. As winter kicks into high gear, it’s worth noting how your home’s vinyl siding will handle whatever the season throws at it. Once you have an understanding of how it performs under extreme winter weather, you can take steps to prevent problems that could affect your home’s looks and energy efficiency.

Cold Temperatures Can Cause Brittleness

As an outdoor product, vinyl siding is designed to be durable and long-lasting. Like most plastic products, however, vinyl is also vulnerable to extreme temperature changes. When temperatures dip below freezing for sustained periods of time, the exposure can cause the vinyl to harden and eventually turn brittle. This embrittlement is what makes the vinyl boards prone to cracking. Hard impacts can even cause large chunks of the material to break off.

Strong Winds Can Damage Siding

Strong winter winds can also damage your home’s vinyl, especially if improper techniques were used during its installation. For instance, installing vinyl cladding at below-freezing temperatures can lead to problems that prevent it from expanding and contracting properly. These problems can make it easier for the vinyl to lift off and blow away under strong winds. Vinyl’s lightness in comparison to other materials makes it even more vulnerable to this issue.

Fiber Cement Offers Better Longevity

If you’re concerned about the effects that winter weather can have on vinyl, you can turn to fiber cement as a durable substitute. Made from a mixture of cement, wood fibers and silica, you’ll get a heavier and more durable product that can weather the extreme cold and strong winds better than ordinary vinyl. The only drawback is that the material is usually more expensive than vinyl.

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