Beautify and Protect Your Home with New Siding

The condition of your home’s exterior is the first thing the public notices about your home. Nothing is more noticeable and detracts from a home’s exterior appearance more than weather-worn, shabby siding. 

Decreases Value of Home

Siding can become stained and dirty-looking as the years go by and it can be increasingly hard to keep clean and maintain.  Old and deteriorated siding lowers the value of your home and makes it harder to sell if you wish to move. Homes with unsightly siding don’t have the kind of curb appeal that attracts a buyer or a passerby’s admiration.

Old Siding Doesn’t Work as Well

When siding is old, it doesn’t protect your home’s interior from the outside weather as well. The cold temperatures of a harsh winter can seep through the old siding and make your home’s interior too chilly for comfort as well as increase the workload of your furnace.

Insects Prefer Old Home Siding

Insects are more prone to infest a home with old siding because it is easier to penetrate than strong, new siding. Ants and termites enter a home at ground level and begin to devour the siding from the inside out, eventually ruining the structure of the house. Replacing your home’s siding with seamless steel can prevent insects from invading your home because they can’t use the steel for food. Stainless steel siding also has the advantage of being fireproof.

Improve the Insulation of Your Home

New siding, especially if paired with house wrap can dramatically improve the comfort level of your home. When the old siding is replaced, it’s an easy second step to add a layer of house wrap and extra insulation to make your home much more energy efficient. You’ll enjoy more warmth in winter and cooler temps in summer.

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Not only does C&T Siding replace worn out siding, but we also replace windows and doors to give your home a fresh new look. No matter if you want to sell your home for the best price or create your own private haven, C&T Siding can help you make your ideas a reality.

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