What Roofing Material Is Best for Heavy Snow Loads

Winter in the Twin Cities can bring a lot of snow and ice which can cause lots of problems with the roofs of the homes in the area. C&T Siding has compiled the following information about the best roofing material to use for your home.

The Best Roof for Heavy Snow

A steep, sloping roof sheds snow much easier than a roof that’s less steeply pitched. If you have a low-sloping roof on your home, and especially on a home addition, such as a outdoor porch, these may need to be monitored during heavy snow storms. Monitoring is especially important if the rafters of the structure are not correctly sized and too small.

An experienced roofing expert, such as the pros at C&T Siding, can examine your home’s roof for any signs of trouble before the snows of winter begin to fall and determine if your roof needs replacing or if any other work needs to be done to protect your home and investment.

The Best Roofing Material For Heavy Snow

When it comes to roofing material, professionals know the stronger and more durable the product, the more resistance it provides against the weather, especially snow and ice. Metal roofing and shake or slate roofs are some of the best protection.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is tough and durable protection for your home that can withstand heavy loads of snow and even hail. Metal roofing also protects the structure of a home from the great weight of accumulation of ice that create ice dams.

Shake or Slate Roofs

There is no stronger protection against heavy snow loads than shake or slate roofs. Made of a composite material that closely imitates the real thing but with much lighter weight, this roofing material provides superior protection for your home and family when it comes to snow and ice. Contact a roofing contractor at C&T Siding for more information on the amazing strength of shake and slate roofs.

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