7 Best Metal Roofing Options

One of the essential things that you need to understand when it comes to selecting the right metal roofing material for your home is the cost and features of the various options available to you. In recent years, metal roofing has become popular since it offers an unbeatable combination of incredible features. Apart from being environmental friendly, metal roofs also provide greater energy savings. Here are the seven best metal roofing options for you.

1. TAMKO Roofing Shingles

Several homeowners and roofers recognize Tamko shingles as the leading in the market. They are affordable and are always easy to work with and come with a well-thought-out flashing kit. The most significant advantage of Tamko shingles is that they still work excellently even on cut-up and sophisticated roofs. The company itself offers both metal roofing and asphalt products. The materials average between $2.5 and $2.8 per square foot.

2. McElroy

The Milan shingles from McElroy have a solid reputation among homeowners and roofing contractors. The shingles are made of seamless steel, and their kits are also good. Although they are slightly more expensive compared to Tamko shingles, they are worth the price. These shingles are highly durable and can withstand substantial wind uplifts. The pricing is around $3.00 and $3.50 per square foot.

3. Classic Metal Roofing Systems

The classic metal roofing systems tend to have an excellent line. However, they is only one contractor in every region with the shingles. The company adopted this style to reduce competition and allow the trusted dealers to charge a premium rate for installation. The dealers mostly work as multiple crews or give out the work to subcontractors. The company offers aluminum shingles that come in 12 different colors. The cost is around $2.5- $3.0 per square foot.

4. EDCO Steel Roofs

EDCO is another industry leader that has been manufacturing quality roofing materials for over 70years. The company offers steel shingle lines that feature a four-way interlocking system and are made to withstand strong winds. Their design is superior, and all of their shingles are coated with TRINAR for color retention. The minimum amount you can spend per square foot on EDCO’s shingles is $4.

5. PermaLock, InterLock, AlumaLock Metal Shake Roof

The three companies tend to manufacture similar products. If you want to avoid costly maintenance but love the incredible look of cedar roofs, then the Interlock shingles got you covered. They are impervious to moisture hence will never rot. The surface is coated with a special alunar coating to offer extra protection. The average cost of installing any of these interlocks range between $2.5 and $3 per square foot.

6. Decra Roofing

Decra manufactures not only attractive but also highly durable stone coated steel roofs. They are leaders in this area and were the first industry to produce stone coated seamless steel over 50 years ago. All of their products can withstand strong winds and also provides the much needed additional strength to the building. The average pricing of their products ranges between $4.5 and $5 per square foot.

7. Matterhorn Metal Tiles

Produced by Certain Teed, the Matterhorn metal tiles offer robust steel roofing shingles that are not only recyclable but also durable. They are also manufactured with a four-way interlocking system and a unique water channel that allow constant movement of water away from your roof deck. The shingles can re-emit up to 90% of absorbed heat since they are coated with a tri-pigment reflective paint system.

Tips on How to Choose a Metal Roof

When choosing a metal roof, start by determining the look that you want to have before you proceed to select your preferred metal roof material. There are numerous variations, patterns, and colors between panels and shingles. When it comes to choosing your metal roof, go for the shingles that have been on the market the longest.

The long duration in the market means that the manufacturer and contractors are more experienced and you will get something good. It also means that the manufacturer has worked over the years to identify potential; problems with the shingles and rectified the issues which assure you a high-quality and durable roof.

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