Why Trex Wooden Decks Beat Out Concrete, Every Time

C&T Siding loves giving our homeowners valuable decking options. If you haven’t yet, check out our Custom Deck Builder. We feel every home deserves custom-tailored woodwork. Before you install a concrete deck, consider picking a modern Trex installation.

Because we use many materials in every deck’s installation, you’re guaranteed a deck which fits your style, needs and budget. Trex decking is much more than your average material, and it beats out concrete designs every time.

Why is Trex Superior to Other Materials?

Trex material is incredibly resilient. It’s comprised of deep wood grain, packing excellent beauty, performance and reliability. It’s 95 percent recycled materials, too, giving you access to a green solution. Carrying an excellent industry reputation, Trex is well-known for its stylistic purity, Limited Lifetime Warranty and year-to-year reliability.

Trex Decking Versus Concrete

Concrete decks crack. They’re also more likely to shift, split and break when installed next to a pool. While concrete is incredibly useful as a building material, modern homeowners are opting for wooden decks due to their flexibility, durability and style.

Plus, wooden decks are raised from the soil. It’s free from dirt, moss, mold and insects. While you’ll need to maintain your wooden deck, it’s a serious contender to concrete decks when correctly cared for. If you want added protection, consider screening in your deck.

Deck Upkeep and Maintenance

If you’re installing a Trex deck, you’re in luck. C&T Siding fully supports Trex decking check-ups, repairs and installations. Keeping your wooden deck at tip-top condition isn’t hard if you’re supported by a professional. Whether you want a small space for entertainment or a large, multi-level deck, C&T Siding has you covered.

So, what’re you waiting for? Contact C&T Siding at 651-483-6146. Our professionals have years of deck installation experience. Whether you want a custom deck installation or a routine check-up, we’re here to help. Our wide-ranging material inventory is here to meet your needs. From Trex to traditional woods, C&T Siding can create the perfect backyard space. We’ll even support you with patio doors, screen porches and durable siding options.

If you’re stuck with an aged, cracked concrete deck, don’t worry. We can help you replace it. Our contractors understand the ins and outs of deck removal and installation, and we’ll make sure your new wooden deck is installed carefully. Once it is, don’t lose touch. We’d love to stop by for a routine inspection. Just give us a call.

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