Transform Your Deck with These Decor Ideas

Smalltime deck decorating still matters. Once you’ve installed the basics, sit down and tinker on décor design ideas. You needn’t have a spacious deck to be trendy. Similarly, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to install great décor. C&T Siding is here to fulfill all of your decking needs. Once you’ve checked out our Custom Deck Builder service, bring your social area to the next level with these memorable décor ideas.

Idea One: Hammocks

Who doesn’t like comfort? Hammocks save space. Plus, they’re adaptable. Capable of showing off blankets, pillows, and built-in steps, hammocks can be the perfect add-on to your deck. Just make sure you take them down before it rains! Or, consider diving into the world of screen porches. Even though you’re rocking a backyard deck, you can still partially convert it to a screened in porch.

Idea Two: Decorative Shade

If you have deck tables, consider giving your visitors a little shade. Your outdoor room doesn’t need to be sunny. Plenty of portable shelter options are available. If you want to boost your area’s social charm, simply buy an anchored base. Then, pick out some tilling sunshade. Block the rays, and swap out designs as you see fit.

Idea Three: A Social Fire Pit

Make your deck a place for fireside chats. The warmth and comfort of a personal fire pit is unbeatable. Great for ambiance, a fire pit can create an intimate setting without breaking your bank account. As an economical fireplace alternative, fire pits are quickly becoming outdoor deck must-haves.

Idea Four: A Colorful Garden

You don’t need to plant a garden in the yard. Potted plants are easy to take care of. They’re also relatively inexpensive. If you’re strapped for space, simply hang them. Lightweight, fiberglass pots are easy to manage, and they’re available in a slew of colors, shapes, and designs.

Idea Five: Handblown Glass Lights

Handblown glass lights have become incredibly popular because they’re solar powered. Their eco-friendly design both boost’s daytime style and nighttime ambiance. When it gets dark, simply light them. Fire-based lighting adds a wonderful element to social areas, creating new dimensions while enhancing a deck’s classiness.

Take full advantage of your deck, and prioritize space over all. Trust us: You won’t be disappointed. If you haven’t yet, check out our Custom Deck Builder.  If you want to revitalize your deck area with an installation, a remodel or even a removal, call us at 651-483-6146. C&T Siding is here, and we’re ready to boost your deck’s appeal.

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