Save Space with These Three Custom Deck Designs

Regardless of your backyard’s size, there’s always improvements to be made. You can save space while working on the deck, and you can morph your living area into something a little more hospitable. Incorporate the following space-saving ideas into your deck design, and create the backyard space the neighbors will come back to, time and time again.

Space-Saving Option One: Bench Storage

Sure, your visitors need sitting room. That doesn’t mean your chair area is exclusive to people. By incorporating bench storage, you can increase your area’s space, store the cushions, store the toys and store the garden supplies. Don’t worry: You needn’t use regular, boxy options. Your bench storage can be crafted as a pattern, and it can complement your deck’s décor, too.

Space-Saving Tip Two: A Tool Pegboard

You can build vertically, too. In fact, a lot of contemporary backyards are featuring tool pegboards to save space, time and money. Why settle for a toolbox? Don’t clutter up the all-important walking area. Instead, hang your tools on a wall. Make every aspect of your backyard worthy of storage, and show off your home’s best aspects.

Space-Saving Tip Three: An Under-Deck Storage Area

If you have a raised deck, take advantage of its underside. If your household is growing, you may need that extra space. Get a renovation aimed at additional space creation, and make sure the area beneath your deck can be properly converted. Your deck’s empty compartments are perfect for bulky items, furniture, grills, bikes and lawn mowers. These renovations are often easily created, too.

Space-Saving Tip Four: A Serving Center

If you’ve always wanted an outdoor wet bar, you needn’t mess up the foot traffic with bulky bottle storage cabinets. Instead, install an elegant, wall-mounted serving center. Custom wine racks are thin, alterable and incredibly compact. Again: Go vertical. If you can manage your deck’s drinking area by building upwards, you can save a lot of space—and money.

Space-Saving Tip Five: Hammocks

Hammocks are great chair alternatives. By freeing up the foot room, you can leave more space for storage. You can also remove your hammocks if extra space is needed. Simply unhook them, fold them and store them. If you’re really looking for a creative touch, consider installing fold-out benches beneath the hammock area. Sometimes, diversity is the key to success.

Make sure you clean up any clutter. You’d be surprised how easily extra items build up. Additionally, prioritize the sliding glass door area. Micromanage any small items, and make sure your stair area is clear, too. Over time, you’ll have the perfect, expansive deck scene.

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