Pet Friendly Patio Additions

Your pets should enjoy the patio, too. Sure, your four-legged friends might be well-acquainted to the house, but your backyard could do with one or two fur-friendly upgrades. A lot of homeowners have difficulty balancing the pet-loving lifestyle with patio inclusions, but a few patio redesign ideas are capable of balancing patio doors with your outdoor area’s main area. At C & T Siding, it’s our duty to dish out modern, exciting home addition ideas. Here’s our pet-friendly patio addition roundup:

Pet-Friendly Patio Idea One: Fence The Garden Side

If you’re sporting a low-level patio, or if your home’s garden area shares a side with it, you should invest in decorative fencing. Likely, your dogs enjoy the citrus trees a little too much. Or, perhaps you have cats who love the flowerbed. By installing a short barrier, you can render your porch area harmless while sprucing up its allure. Plus, you’ll boost time spent with your four-legged friends by creating sections.

Pet-Friendly Patio Idea Two: Low-Hanging Furniture

If you’ve ever played with a puppy, you likely know how explorative they are. In all likelihood, your animals will want to fully examine your yard area. Parts of a yard can, however, pose a hazard to small canines and felines. Swap out complex furniture sets for low-hanging furniture, and secure your umbrella base, too. Sure, your animals might not be inclined to get lost, but having low-hanging furniture certainly keeps them in eyesight.

Pet-Friendly Patio Idea Three: Install Pet-Proof Window Screens

Your patio might be contained, but your animals won’t be. When it’s time to go inside, small animals can get confused. For this reason, it’s important to install pet-proof window screens. Pet-proof window screens are incredibly durable, are resistant to scratching and still provide household breathing room. Protect your window area, and don’t let any excited claws damage them.

Pet-Friendly Patio Idea Four: Purchase A Dish Holder

If you like long, comfortable days with your pet, you can avoid going inside by providing food and water right from the patio. Numerous outdoor dish holders exist, and, by laying several pavers, you can create an animal buffet area capable of keeping the pets satiated. Establish the eating area, and create your own food shelf from finished wood. While it might take time for your pets to become accompanied with the spot, they’ll soon come to enjoy the natural air.

A lot of home patio additions are inexpensive, accessible and easy to alter. Of course, your pet always comes first. Decide upon patio options based upon your pet’s needs, and create an outdoor area worth every memory.

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