Increase Curb Appeal with a New Porch

A new porch addition to your home can create a more impressive front entry and add a lot of architectural interest, especially if your present home lacks a distinctive style. Creating more drama around your front door increases curb appeal for the whole house and can make a dull and unappealing home more visually attractive.

Increased Home Value

A beautiful new porch can increase a home’s overall value, especially if it adds a lot of curb appeal to a home. When selling a home, a porch decorated with healthy green plants and tasteful furniture can be an excellent and attractive selling point. Such a lovely spot will inspire potential buyers to imagine themselves sitting on the porch and sipping a refreshing drink, which can generate a better price for your house.

A Delightful Place to Relax

Screen porches provide a relaxing spot for you, your family and pets to enjoy nature without the annoying interference of insects, especially mosquitoes. You can add a hammock for snoozing or a table and chairs to enjoy meals al fresco. A new screen porch can provide a nice gathering place for family and friends to enjoy quality time together out of the hot sun.

You can also add a ceiling fan to your new porch to provide a nice breeze on a warm summer day. Be sure to get some comfortable chairs and soft pillows for stretching out and relaxing!

Adding patio doors that open onto a porch can open up a room’s dark interior and make the space more attractive and inviting. Patio doors can make the transition from home to the porch more seamless and make the house seem more spacious.

Protect Your Entrance

Constructing a porch over an entry provides a lot of protection for the front door, which is great for guests in rainy or snowy weather. Standing at a front door with no overhead porch in a downpour or a snowstorm isn’t much fun for visitors. A well-planned front porch can also provide storage for muddy shoes and a place to hang dripping raincoats and umbrellas.

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