Building Your New Deck

If you enjoy being outdoors, you’ve likely put plenty of time and care into your deck. It can be a great place to conduct hobby activities, read a book, or just sunbathe. Kids love a nice deck as well, as decks provide them with a place to play outdoors without actually being in the dirt or mud. Regardless of how you use your deck, there does come a time when maintenance and repairs are no longer useful, and instead the deck must be completely rebuilt. This can be an exciting time, as you can change the size and shape of the deck and have it custom built to the needs of you and your family.

Why Build a New Deck

The most obvious reason to build a new deck is because it is old and beginning to rot. Even if you’ve taken proper care of it, sealing or painting it to minimize weathering and replacing boards as needed, the time will come when when the wood begins to rot. Even if the deck is structurally sound, if you have ongoing repairs each year it may be time to consider starting over with a new deck system.

Not everybody waits until structural and safety reasons require a rebuild, if you simply want a larger deck or specific customization incorporated into the deck that’s a perfectly good reason to go ahead and incorporate the changes to make your deck more functional toward your needs. You may simply prefer specialty materials such as Trex composite decking or a particular type of wood.

Available Options and Customization

Customization is available according to anything your creativity and imagination allows for. Built in seating is common, as are permanent planters. Hot tubs are a nice addition to any home, but the deck needs additional structural support to hold the excess weight. More creative options might be the addition of a permanent outdoor kitchen or an exercise area. Deck extensions or an extra set of steps may be functional according to the layout of your house’s floor plan and the design of your lawn.

Choosing a Contractor

For your deck needs whether repairs or building a new one in the St. Paul and Woodbury areas, be sure to contact a reputable contractor such as C&T Siding. We’ve been actively building since 1978 and you’ll find our representatives to be friendly and helpful with all your needs.

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