7 Reasons Why You Want a Screen Porch

Adding a screen porch to your home can take your summer from dull to fun! Screened in porches are a great place for the family to hangout in the fresh air while stay away from bugs and the harsh sunlight. Are you thinking about adding a screen porch onto your home? Below are seven reasons why it may be your best idea yet.

Say Goodbye to Bugs

If you need no other reason to implement a screen on your porch, then having a bug-free evening under the stars without having a can of bug spray nearby should be enough. By the time mid-June approaches, insects and pests come out in hordes to invade your home. You can stop them dead in their tracks by putting up a screen.

Entertain Your Guests

An enclosed screen porch makes the perfect area for entertaining friends and neighbors. The options for building your porch and enclosing it are endless. You can even grill out on the porch and not have to worry about insects or animals being around the food.

No More Rain Dates

Have you ever planned an outside event at your home that was rained out? Screen porches ensure that you can plan your events and keep them as scheduled. When you host an event, you no longer have to worry about what the weather is going to do. Enjoy your party in your enclosed porch.

Additional Privacy

If you live in the country with no neighbors and no one around, you may benefit from an open porch setting. Those who live in suburban or urban areas, however, can create a little more privacy by mounting a screen around their porch. Screens not only give you a sense of privacy, but they are also hard to look through from a distance. You may find that a screen gives you all the retreat space you need.

Your Family Will Love It…

An enclosed porch is yet another area in the house that is ideal for family gatherings and activities. Your kids will love to hang out with their friends, and your spouse will enjoy Sunday afternoon naps while taking in some scenery. No matter what you use the screened in porch for, you can bet everyone in the family will get some use out of it.

…So Will Your Pets

No, it’s not a 2-acre backyard, but if you live in a crowded part of town with few areas where pets can roam, then a screen porch may give your cat or dog a little extra space in which to hang out as well as enjoy a little nature.

Increased Property Value

While there is lots of discussion about how much a screen porch can cost, there is no debate as to its value and the increase in market value that it adds to a home. In essence, a screen porch is another room and can be purposed for any number of reasons. A screen porch is an attractive feature for homebuyers and will increase your home’s chances of getting sold.

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