4 Home Improvements that will Help You Enjoy the Warm Weather

The winters in eastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin are long, harsh, and frigid. This makes the warm months feel that much sweeter! You can really increase your enjoyment of these few months by focusing on the exterior of your home. C&T Siding has pulled together a list of top home improvement projects that will help you enjoy the beautiful warm weather. 

1. Deck

An open-air deck allows you to feel close to nature without actually being in it. The ideal place to cook out before gathering around a picnic table to eat, a deck can be as basic or elaborate as you desire.

2. Patio

Patios in one form or another have really gained in popularity in recent years. This trend has increased substantially since the outdoor kitchen movement caught on. Like a deck, you can personalize your patio to make it a simple place where you can gather with friends and family to eat. You can also make a patio more elaborate and include an entire outdoor kitchen that’s set up for ease of cooking and entertaining.

3. Screen Porch

While both decks and patios have distinct advantages and provide a beautiful addition to any home, they are options that aren’t covered. This means that you are exposed to the pests that also seem to come out in droves during the warm weather. If you are looking for a beautiful and customizable way to enjoy the outdoors without having to contend with insects, then a screen porch is a great option.

4. Landscaping

The right landscaping provides you with more than a visually-stunning environment. It also helps increase the value of your home without adding a great deal of maintenance. The key is to choose the landscaping that works best for the grade of your property. It is also important to only choose those plants, grasses, and other types of foliage that are hardy enough for this area. Choosing the right landscaping gives you a beautiful view when you’re outside enjoying your home.

At C&T Siding, we offer an array of home improvement services that are designed to help you love your home and enjoy it even more than you already do. We live in the eastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin area — just like you! — so we know the challenges and benefits that region offers. We provide free estimates so we invite you to contact us today to see how we can help!

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