Five Inspiring Front Porch Ideas

Your home’s front porch can be a defining feature. Many homeowners install windows and doors to instill a sense of warmth, comfort, and security in their living area. Sometimes, however, the front porch makes all the difference.

C&T Siding offers many front porch design options, ranging across custom screen shapes to creative foundation dimensions. If you want to bring out your home’s best side—its front side—check out these five front porch design options hand-picked for their coziness.

Option One: A Fireplace

If your porch has enough space, hugs an accessible wall and has a cover—a fireplace can deliver some serious warmth. Try installing a couple rock columns to create a practical, stunning space. If you flank it with container-columns which hold chopped wood, the fireplace itself can be your porch’s defining feature.

Option Two: Warm Wooden Furniture

On the cheaper end of things, wooden furniture can tie a porch together. Light wooden designs, shaped in a “U” formation across the area, can increase your porch’s perceived space. Light, earthy tones are every homeowner’s dream design. Match the wood with your siding to increase the area’s appeal.

Option Three: Install a Porch Swing

Nothing says “cozy” like a porch swing. Traditional white wood, here, is your friend. Plus: A porch swing leaves extra room for storage. Situate a couple baskets beneath the bench, and use the area to tuck away towels, pillows, and blankets.

Option Four: Wicker Seating

If you want to go with small seating options, wicker seat pieces are affordable, accessible and memorable. Their small size and style assure comfort—even if they’re low to the ground. To complete your porch scene, plant some ground plants in hand-woven wicker baskets.

Option Five: A Small Dining Table

Finally, a small dining table can make all the difference where comfort is considered. Go small, and lay a cobalt rug beneath it. Once more, simple potted plants can enhance the allure. If you enjoy having friends over for drinks, an old-timey wet bar is an excellent addition.

As you’re planning out your front porch design, check with your C&T Siding providers to assure maximum appeal. Our talented team has years of porch planning excellence under their belt. Even if you don’t have much room to work with, there are always cozy options to choose from.

Give us a call today at 651-483-6146, and ask our providers about deck designs which can complement your home’s natural dimensions. Highlight your household’s color, siding, and accessories—and create the front porch experience you’ve always wanted.

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