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For more than 30 years, C&T Siding has been serving the areas of eastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Homeowners who are interested in home improvement projects such as windows, roofing, doors, and siding know they can turn to us for high-quality results. C&T Siding also builds custom screen porches too. Here’s why you should call C&T Siding if you want to add a screen porch to your home this year:

1. Keep the outdoors close enough to enjoy

Screen porches are the perfect way to enjoy all the good things about nature without having to deal with the bad things. Insects, prickly bushes and dirt stay safely outside your screen porch. This allows you to unwind in its comfort and beauty while waking up with a cup of tea or coffee in the morning.

2. Eat in comfort and peace

There are few pleasures than being able to enjoy a meal with your loved ones. Whether these are family or friends — or a combination of the two — trying to do so outside presents a set of challenges that can be hard to overcome. Picnic lunches or outdoor dinner parties add an element of festivity to the event but also invite the presence of unwanted pests. Ants, mosquitos, horse flies and the like can turn a joyful event into something miserable very quickly. A screen porch provides protection from these pests while also giving you enough room for gatherings.

3. Add value and beauty to your home

Beyond its functional purposes, a screen porch also adds significant beauty, charm, and value to your home. The addition of a screen porch is a significant selling point if you might be interested in selling your home in the future. Not only does it significantly increase the square footage of your home, but a screen porch also evokes thoughts of sleeping in nature under the warm summer skies — without being exposed to miserable and biting pests all night long. Because C&T Siding partners with you to build a custom screen porch, it’s a unique addition to your home that won’t be found anywhere else in your neighborhood.

At C&T Siding, we invite you to call us today at 651.483.6146 for a free estimate on your screen porch. You can also use the convenient form on our website — any time of the day or night — to contact us about your free estimate.

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