Finish Your Exterior Remodel
With a Custom Patio Door

Patio doors take center stage when it comes to hosting outdoor family gatherings and throwing dinner on the grill. That’s why the doors you choose should complement your home and feature durability that lasts through the years. Marvin® fiberglass doors and Lindsay® vinyl doors are easily customizable and strong against the ever-changing Minnesota and Wisconsin weather.

At C&T Siding, we work closely with you to design patio doors that fit your style and functionality needs. We offer a variety of options from sliding doors to french doors, all with customizable hardware, grilles and paint colors.

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Why Choose
Our Patio Doors?

Beautiful Design

Our patio doors are not only high-quality but they’re custom-designed to fit your home. Plus, their beautiful finish will last through years of backyard get-togethers.


Fiberglass patio doors expand and contract slowly. This helps prevent chilly air from entering your home and causing drafts in the winter. They also keep out moisture that can cause mold growth and water damage.


Ultrex® fiberglass patio doors meet or exceed ENERGY STAR guidelines. They also protect your home from hot summers and the coldest of winters. Their energy efficiency will result in a lower energy bill.


Made using fiberglass, our patio doors are durable enough to withstand the Upper Midwest weather. From glass to sill, they’re built to last for years.

Advantage Guarantee

C&T Siding warrants all of our workmanship for the lifetime of the products you choose. We stand behind the work we do.

Customize Your Patio Doors With EverWood® Infinity® by Marvin®

Marvin® offers EverWood® with their Infinity® patio doors. EverWood® allows you to fully customize the interior finish of your door. EverWood® features the strength of Ultrex® fiberglass with a wood grain finish that feels, looks, paints and stains just like wood.

Our team will ensure your doors look perfectly seamless before we leave your home. This means filling every nail hole and custom-painting your trim to match.

Patio doors from Marvin

Need Inspiration?

Do you have a dream patio in mind? If so, it probably includes patio doors that complement your home and your outdoor living space. For over 40 years, our door replacement experts have helped homeowners design their dream patio doors. Check out our projects for more inspiration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Patio doors often differ in size and design, two factors that affect cost. We find that most patio door projects cost between $5,500 and $8,500.

You’ll want to choose a stable material that will last such as fiberglass. You’ll also want to make sure your patio door features a high level of glass efficiency to prevent heat from entering your home.

Fiberglass is the most energy-efficient patio door material. Not only does it have zero conductivity, but it also expands and contracts slower than other materials. This helps prevent air loss in the summer and drafts in the winter.

Whether you choose a sliding door or a french door is simply a matter of personal preference. Of course, our design consultant is here to help you choose a door that fits your home best.

This depends on the space available inside and outside of your home. If your doors are in a smaller room, you may choose to swing them out. If your patio is smaller or you want to maximize your outdoor space, you may choose to swing them in.