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Installer of Marvin fiberglass windows

Marvin Infinity Fiberglass Windows

Marvin® Infinity® windows are constructed using Ultrex® fiberglass. They’re able to withstand even the harshest of Minnesota and Wisconsin weather. Plus, these windows and the surrounding trim can be customized to fit the unique style of your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost to replace your windows depends on many factors such as materials and window sizes needed. We find that most projects cost around $20,000.

We recommend looking for stable materials such as fiberglass that stand the test of time. You should also choose windows with insulated glass units and low U-values (level of heat loss).

New windows typically last around 30 years with proper installation and care.

Fiberglass window frames have zero conductivity, making them the most energy-efficient material. When deciding between window types such as double-hung, awning, casement or gliders, they’re all relatively similar in their energy efficiency. Choose what works best for your home!

Yes! High-quality windows can prevent air leaks which lead to higher energy bills. Plus, these windows provide insulated glass units that reflect summer heat and retain the cool air inside.