Secure Entry Doors: All About the Select Steel Series

Steel doors are becoming incredibly popular residential options. Available in a variety of designs, these doors can be purchased with multiple paint finishes, stains and textures. Here at C&T Siding, we’re proud to present our Steel Entry Systems line. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should.

Strength, Durability and Security

So, what makes Steel Entry Systems unique? It offers strength, durability and long-lasting security. Each Steel Entry Systems door is designed with 24-gauge steel, boasting an effective wooden lock-block on the handleset mounting. It similarly features hinge and lock styles, formed from metal profiles, to assure continuous stability. If you choose Steel Entry Systems, you’ll benefit from a 15-year warranty—assuring your household’s protection for the long haul.

Energy-Star Qualified

Our exterior doors are Energy Star-qualified, meaning each was independently tested, certified and redefined to include tighter-fitting frames, powerful exteriors and energy-efficient cores. Models with glass, of course, have been perfected to reduce heat transfer. If you want to save money, target air loss first. Because C&T Siding doors are custom-designed to fit your household, you’re always saving money on the power bill.

Take Advantage of Long-Term Value

Compared to wood doors, steel exterior doors offer a higher return on investment. They’re affordable, sure but they’re also long-lasting. Our Steel Entry Systems line requires less maintenance than leading alternatives—so you’re never spending big bucks on repairs, remodels and reinstallation.

Pick Your Style

What’s your home’s best look? With a variety of door styles to choose from, C&T Siding is a time-tested-and-true provider of custom options. Pick your model’s glass, texture, stain and features. Then, let our team install your pre-designed door with care.

Entry doors can make, or break, your household’s home appeal. If your current door is worn out, it’ll stick out. So, replace it with a stylish, eye-catching steel entry door. Steel is sleek and clean. Really, you can’t go wrong where style is considered. Because steel itself is incredibly customizable, it can be outfitted with a number of panel options.

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If you’ve decided to take the plunge, call us today at 651-483-6146. We’ll make sure your new Steel Entry Systems door fits your home perfectly. Remember: You have a lot of style, finish and color options available. Don’t hesitate to check out our options. Then, contact our team for an in-depth assessment. From the ground up, your door’s installation servers your home—not the other way around.

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