Is It Time To Replace Your Sliding Patio Door?

While the standard replacement windows and doors can help you manage your energy costs, sliding patio doors can help you cut down your monthly heating and cooling bill. Typically, patio doors require minimum maintenance efforts, and they are easy to operate. Most homes are fitted with sliding patio doors that lead to backyards since they are easy to use, relatively inexpensive and let in more light. However, it may be difficult to know when to replace your door. Well, various signs can indicate that it’s time to replace your door. Here are some of the top signs.

Presence of Leaks or Draft Around the Door

If you notice that your door leaks in heavy rainstorms or if there is a draft around the corners of your door, then you should consider replacing. You may also discover that the leaks aren’t sealing properly even when you close the door. The presence of these leaks can drip up your electricity bill and also cause water damage to your home.

If the Door Squeaks So Loud

If you no longer have to worry about locking your exterior doors since it squeaks so loud such that it could wake up a sleeping neighbor, then you need to take appropriate action. Squeaks that are so loud can’t be repaired. The loud squeaks are an indication that the wheels are damaged beyond repair, and the only thing you can do is replace the door.

Presence of Gaps in the Door

If you can see obvious gaps in between your sliding patio door or in between the door and the frame, then you need to replace it. The existence of gaps in your door will lead to an inevitable increase in your heating and cooling costs since warm air can easily escape from the inside of your house to the outside. If you can’t determine whether there are gaps in your door, just wait until nightfall then let someone stand outside with a flashlight while you remain inside. If you can see rays from the torch streaming in through your door, then start planning on how to replace it.

Difficult to Open and Close the Door

A sliding glass door that is difficult to open and close is not only annoying but also dangerous. Think about what might happen if your kid can’t get out of the house in case of an emergency since the door can’t open swiftly. If your door isn’t moving along the track smoothly and easily, consider replacing it.

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