Replacing Your Exterior Doors Can Save You Money!

Your exterior doors take a great deal of use and abuse over the years. Not only are they opened and closed thousands of times, but they also must stand up to the brutal weather that is part of living in western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota. It’s easy to see how they can become inefficient at their job and cost you money every single day. 

Save Money by Replacing Your Exterior Doors Today

Replacing your exterior doors with newer models provides you with an instant upgrade in the energy efficiency of your home. Just as energy efficient windows create a seal at their openings that prevents air from escaping your home, a new exterior door that’s rated for energy efficiency can do the same for the doorways. While many people like the look of wood when it comes to choosing accessories for their home, there are other types that are more efficient: steel and fiberglass doors.

Steel doors are resistant to the warping that often plagues wood doors when they are used in climates with huge changes in temperature. Fiberglass doors cost less than wooden doors but are more expensive than steel doors.

Complete Your New Exterior Door Installation

Of course, your new exterior doors are only the first component in a plan to make your home more energy efficient. In order to offer you the best protection against the unwanted exchange of warm and cold air between the interior of your home and the outside, you’ll need to add a few necessary accessories.

Even the best and the most well-fitting door isn’t going to fit your doorway perfectly and tiny gaps could result. Here’s where high-quality weatherstripping comes into play. Installed correctly, weatherstripping provides protection against any gaps that might allow air to pass through.

A floor sweep is another crucial addition to any new exterior door if you are serious about saving money. The installation of a floor sweep does more than make your home look sophisticated and elegant. It also blocks the airflow under the door. As an added bonus, installing a floor sweep can help keep insects and other pests from entering your home.

It’s not too late to have your exterior doors replaced this fall or winter, and C&T Siding is here to help! Our friendly service team is always happy to answer questions to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your service. We even offer free estimates so contact us today at 651.483.6146!

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