Five Ways to Save Space with a Custom Deck

Between benches, boards and beauty standards, a lot goes into a deck remodel. Before installing an entire new deck, however, you should consider the space-saving ideas below. If you want to get the most out of your deck, let C&T Siding step in. We have years of experience installing traditional and modern decks alike. Like you, we’re picky about design. Let us give you a helping hand.

Create Legroom with Built-In Benches

If you’re constantly strapped for space, consider investing in built-in benches. Your deck’s seating arrangement needn’t be removable. In fact, a lot of homeowners are opting for built-in benches out of shear feasibility. Instead of moving around chairs, simply add pads! If the weather gets bad, you’ll have a lot less weight to manage.

Get Crafty with End Tables

Where storage is considered, end tables are your best friend. Either built-in of free-standing, deck end tables can greatly reduce clutter while showing off your deck’s finer aspects. Simply, trendy and practical, deck end tables are both affordable and easy to install. Who doesn’t like a quick upgrade?

Go U-Shaped

Consider construction which concentrates a focal point. This way, you’ll spare space while providing enough seating for a crowd. As for the focal point: We recommend installing a fire pit. Low decking situated around a fire pit is definitely in style, and it’ll enhance your area’s perceived space. Plus, you have a lot of shapes available. Make the U-shaped deck round on the sides. Or, go with a classic box design. The choice is yours.

Hang the Garden

Who doesn’t like greenery? Well, if you’re strapped for space, you might’ve avoided the plant additions. Don’t worry, though, because you can save space by making a hanging garden. Get creative with the hardscaping. Install hanging planter troughs. Just make sure you’re hanging them high. In doing so, you’ll clear the head room while giving onlookers something to marvel at.

Rethink the Patio Doors

Your home’s exterior doors, likely, connect to your deck. Their natural path might be cutting into your space, however, which can be difficult to deal with. Consider calling a contractor to handle the deck or patio door. Then, consider a door design which doesn’t open outward—into your deck space.

So, what do you think? Traditional and modern deck designs are both flexible. Let C&T Siding check out your backyard deck. Let us offer some input. If you’re ready, call us at 651-483-6146. We’ll give you a free home consultation, assuring your newest deck design is memorable, flexible and relaxing.

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