5 Tips for Choosing an Exterior Door You Will Love

Your front door greets the world outside of your home and provides a barrier of security for you and your family. But with the plethora of design choices out there, how do you know how to pick the right one? Here’s how to pick the best exterior door for the entry to your home.

1. Go for the Good Looks

You want your front door to look great and enhance your home’s curb appeal. A front door needs to look good to enhance your home’s curb appeal and to provide a sense of pride for all occupants of the house.

Choosing an exterior door that appeals to your personal style as well as complements the exterior design of your home is a winning combination. Remember, you’ll see this door every day, so take your time making your decision. Take a photo of the exterior door you like and compare it to the front of your house. Do the styles match or complement each other?

2. How About Doors with Glass Panels?

Are doors with glass panels a good idea? There’s no doubt these doors look quite beautiful with the sun streaming through the glass, but do they provide as much security as a solid door? The good news is that doors featuring double glass panes are quite secure and are not easily broken. The double glass also provides more insulation for the interior of the home—an important consideration in a colder climate.

3. Call a Professional

If you need to replace old exterior doors, such as patio doors, you first need to find out if there is any rot under the threshold or if any of the door jams need to be replaced. Hiring a professional contractor is an excellent idea because installing new exterior doors, without replacing a rotted or weakened frame will result in eventual failure.

4. Purchase Excellent Locks

When it comes to locks and security for your home, always buy the best you can afford.  The way most criminals break into a house is by prying or kicking open the front door. Making the process more difficult with good quality locks will deter such an action.

5. Special Order

If you can’t find an exterior door for your home’s entry that appeals to you, have one made to your exact specifications. For historical homes, special ordering an exterior door may be the only way to get a new door that matches the rest of the home’s exterior.

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