3 Signs That It’s Not Too Late to Replace Your Exterior Doors

Fall is almost over entrenched in eastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin, so it’s likely that you’re starting to think about how high your electric bill will get during this year’s colder months. It’s not too late to replace your exterior doors in an effort to improve your home’s energy efficiency and your personal comfort level. Here are a few signs that indicate you should have this done sooner rather than wait until it gets any colder outside:

1. You can’t open and/or close it easily.

Is your patio door difficult to slide open? Do you struggle to close your front door securely? If the answer to either of these questions is “yes,” then it’s more than just a nuisance to have to deal with. Doors that are hard to open or close might not have been installed properly in the first place, or they might have been adversely affected by the weather. Regardless of the reason for the difficulty, it’s likely the door is misaligned with gaps of space around it. This sharply reduces the energy efficiency of your entire home.

2. There’s light showing around the edges.

If your exterior doors are doing what they are supposed to be doing, then there won’t be any light showing around their edges. However, if you can see even a small amount of light coming in around the edges of your door, then you’re experiencing air loss. These gaps allow your home’s heat to pour out into the outdoors along with your hard-earned money.

3. You can feel air when you’re next to your doors.

The purpose of your exterior doors is to provide an effective barrier between the interior of your home and the elements beyond its walls. This is one reason why these types of doors are made to be stronger and more solid than those used in the interior of your home. One way to tell if your exterior doors are doing their job correctly is to stand by them. If you can feel cold air or a definite drop in temperature while you’re standing by the door, it’s time to replace it.

No Doors Are Off Limits

These signs don’t only apply to your home’s front door. If you have sliding glass doors that are used as patio doors, they should be replaced with French doors for increased energy efficiency. And don’t forget about the door that connects your home to the garage. This door shouldn’t be an interior-grade door, but one that is rated for exterior use instead.

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