What to Do When a Storm Damages Your Home

If a tree falls on your roof and pierces the roof structure, get your family and pets out of the house as soon as possible. The whole house could be unstable and subject to collapse. Here are some of the signs of roof damage:

●       Shingles off roof

●       Broken slates or tiles

●       Bent metal roofing

●       Holes are visible

●       Flashing ripped away from chimneys

●       Interior ceilings leaking water

Windows and Doors

Flying debris and high winds can easily damage windows and doors during a storm. Be careful not to step on broken glass if the lights are out due to power outages. Don’t let children or pets near broken windows. Lock the door to the room if possible.

If the damage is not severe and the house is safe to enter, inspect all windows for cracked or broken glass. Examine all windows and doors for broken or split frames and test the locks. If windows or exterior doors won’t lock, board it up for added security. Check patio doors as well and make sure they are undamaged and locks are secure. Board up patio doors if the glass is broken or locks won’t work.

Check Your Home’s Siding

The high winds of storms can rip away siding and leave the walls exposed to the elements. Brick and other building materials can also be damaged during a strong storm.

After you have inspected the damage to your home, contact your insurance provider. They can advise you of the next steps you need to take and begin processing the claim to repair your home.

A Contractor You Can Trust

When your home is damaged by a storm you need a contractor you can trust to make repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible. C&T Siding is the reliable company to call. We have helped homeowners and their families repair their storm-damaged houses since 1978 and have a sterling reputation in the Twin Cities area.

At C&T Siding we understand how storm damage causes extreme stress for a homeowner and their family. We understand how badly you want to get life back to normal. Let us help. Our professional contractors can make your home as good as new as quickly as possible.

Call C&T Siding at 651-483-6146 or fill out the convenient form online. We’ll schedule an immediate appointment for a contractor to inspect your home and prepare a damage report for your insurance provider and start the process of repairing your home. With C&T Siding, you have the help you can trust.

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