Styles and Shapes of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a rapidly growing means of covering your house and providing the first layer of protection against the weather. Traditionally, metal roofing was used for barns, commercial properties, and less expensive houses, but that is no longer the case. Modern steel roofing designs offer a number of advantages over the old paradigm of asphalt shingles.

Modern Metal Roof Structure

The first noticeable difference of modern metal roofing is the modular styles available. Not only is the material recyclable, but there is less waste in the manufacture and application of the roof. With a properly trained roofing contractor crew, the metal roof goes on much quicker and easier than traditional nailing techniques, saving labor costs. Furthermore, modern roofing has a layer of built-in insulation to cut energy costs and continue to lower your expenses with reduced power bills.

Traditional Styles and New Finishes

Modern metal roofing is available in a number of styles. It can appear as the regular metal roofing many people associate with their childhood and fondly remember the sound of a summer evening’s rainstorm tapping across the roof. Another option is to simulate the appearance of shingles, which can be particularly important if you want to maintain the charm and history of an older house.

For an even more rugged durability, stone coated metal roofing may be the perfect solution for your house. An acrylic blend glue-like substance is used to coat the metal, which is then covered with ceramic and stone granules. Finally, the project is finished with another coat of acrylic as a way to smooth out the panel and add another layer of protection.

Exterior Colors

Metal roofing is available in all the colors you would typically expect to have as options for your home’s roof. Depending on the roofing system you decide on, you may be able to paint it should you change your mind later, although to do so will require ongoing maintenance with occasional paint touch-ups.

The most important advantage of metal roofing is it will be the last roof you ever buy. It doesn’t have the traditional 20-40 year warranties of asphalt shingles as it is expected to last for several generations rather than decades. The idea is to hire a contractor who is a specialist in roofing and experienced with metal roofing techniques to build a roof which will look beautiful throughout the life of your home.

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