Should You Replace or Repair Your Porch Screen?

Screen porches are fragile. Between bad weather, porch traffic and general wear-and-tear, your porch screen will eventually take some damage. Because your porch screen provides cover from the elements and bugs, it’s important to fix it as soon as possible. In some cases, however, the screen may need to be replaced.

So, which solution applies to your case? We’re here to help you understand the factors which lead either to a minor fix or a full replacement.

Rescreening as an Option

If your porch screen has come off, don’t worry. A contractor can rescreen your porch. Or, you can do the job yourself. Screens are pulled from their frame often, and the fix isn’t too difficult. Don’t hassle with a comprehensive repair job—as rescreening is a simple, touch-and-go solution.

Repairing Tears

If your porch screen has rips, tears or holes which are smaller than one-fourth of an inch in diameter, it can be fixed with a drop of fast-drying household cement. Larger holes, meanwhile, can be fixed by weaving several loose wire strands into the screen. Then, cement is applied. C&T Siding contractors understand this process well, and they can quickly repair your screen—securing it for many years.

Degraded Materials

Sometimes, bugs, mold, rot and bad weather will eat away at your porch screen. In these cases, you’re better off replacing the entire thing. Worn-out screens can be costly—or even impossible—to repair. Installing a new screen, meanwhile, will protect your home, and its inhabitants, from insects and bad weather.

It’s a good idea to contact a C&T Siding professional before conducting any do-it-yourself projects. Patio doors, screen porches, and patio areas take quite a beating. For this reason, their damage—more often than not—can quickly become irreparable. Call C&T Siding today at 651-483-6146. Let us inspect your screen porch area, selecting the best possible solution for your home. From minor rip repair to complete replacements, we’ve got you covered. Don’t hesitate to ask our contractors about today’s’ leading screen porch options, either. If you’re going to replace your current installation, take advantage of our high-quality line of patio and porch screen options.

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