Preventing Roof Damage from Midwestern Weather

Roofing contractors have a much more challenging job than people in the same profession in other areas of the country. Here in the Midwest, we face some crazy weather patterns that you just won’t see in other areas of the country. All of these weather issues can severely damage your roofing. That means that roofing contractors in Minneapolis have had to find some good ways to protect homes against this kind of damage. The following is a list of weather issues that are unique to the Midwest and what we can do to help prevent your home from experiencing damage.

Below-Freezing Temperatures

The cold can do a lot to damage housing material. The first instinct of any matter when it gets cold is to shrink. This means that the roofing materials are subject to shrinking and expanding a great amount as the weather shifts from high heat to really low cold.

The best way we have found to prevent against such issues is to use the right kind of materials. We know what those below-freezing temps can do, so we use thicker shingles that are designed to be more elastic in nature. This means that the shifts in size will not cause cracking and other such damage. We also lay these shingles in a way that there will never be any gaps even when things are shrinking.

Heavy Winds

This is the area of the country that is always known for heavy winds. There are not mountains or big hills to slow the winds down, so houses are left to take the full fury of those winds. Roofing shingles can be very sensitive to heavy winds. If they are not tacked down correctly, these winds can get underneath the shingles and blow them loose or completely free of the roof. This leaves the roof open to leaks and further damage. Once the first shingle is weakened, it will leave a gaping hole for more wind to get in and wreak havoc.

We prevent this kind of damage by using heavy duty tar paper. We know that there are increased risks from wind in this area, so we prepare for those storms by laying the right foundation for your roofing.

Something that you can do to prevent this kind of damage is to call in professionals for annual checks on the roof. Our staff can come out and identify any shingles that need to be replaced or tacked down.

Lots of Moisture

Between the humidity levels and the heavy rain seasons, your roof will have to deal with a lot of water over the course of the year. Water can strip your roofing shingles of their protective layers and can seep into the house itself. If the water is strong enough and if your roof is already weakened due to the aforementioned struggles, the rains can even sweep away full shingles.

Again, we suggest protecting against this danger by investing in professional check-ups on your roof. We can also use some protective products that will allow the water to bead up and run off the roof without giving it time to infiltrate your home. Another measure we can take is to install better rain gutters. This will mean that the heavy rains will never cause standing water to pool up on your roof.

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