How Metal Roofs Can Reduce the Impact of a House Fire

House fires in the United States have dropped nearly 22 percent since 2004. The reduction in the number of house fires can easily be attributed to some factors, including smoke detectors and better education on fire prevention. However, there is always the potential for a house fire. And, house fires can cost you your life. 

Household goods containing synthetic fibers–known fire accelerants–are found throughout our homes, these days. From the furniture you have in your home to your mattresses in each of your bedrooms, the synthetic fibers found in these items could accelerate a house fire and lead to more damage.

Fortunately, installing a metal roof can lessen the impact of a house fire.

Understanding How Metal Roofs Can Protect Your Home

Metal is non-combustible. As such, a metal roof will not burn, encourage fire, release vapors that are flammable during a fire, or ignite. With metal roofs being non-combustible, as a homeowner, you don’t have to worry about your roof contributing to a house fire. For instance, during a house fire, the tar and shingles on traditional asphalt roofs can further ignite the flames of a house fire, making the house fire worse. You avoid this problem with a metal roof.

Metal Roofs Buy You More Time During a House Fire

Since a metal roof doesn’t make a house fire worse, firefighters have better odds when it comes to saving lives and your home. In the absence of melting tar, firefighters have a better chance at putting out the fire, if you experience one. Every second matters when it comes to a house fire; therefore, installing a metal roof could give you the time you need to avoid a complete catastrophe.

Avoid Falling Objects During a Fire with Metal Roofs

Another threat that can lead to injury or death during a fire is falling objects. When a fire gets hot enough, a traditional asphalt roof or a wood roof will collapse. Fallen beams can prevent firefighters from entering homes to save lives. A metal roof can withstand extreme temperatures, allowing your roof to remain in place if you experience a house fire. The fact that the roof will likely remain intact will help firefighters put out a home fire more efficiently.

There is more to a metal roof than what meets the eye. Although experts tout the energy-efficient benefits of metal roofs, these roofs can also help you protect your family and your home.

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