Five Ways to Make Your Screened Porch Deck More Appealing

Your screen porch deck says a lot about your home. Screen porches can be tough to install—and even tougher to make stylish. So, what kind of a screen porch do you want for your home? From framing, house attachment and finish details, you have a lot of options to choose from. Naturally, your screen porch should highlight your home’s best options. If you want to be trendy, make your screen porch deck more appealing and save space, check out the five design tips below:

Tip One: Hang Privacy Curtains

Just like your home’s windows, your deck could use a little privacy. Consider installing privacy curtains, and pick the best fabric to complement your yard’s style. Even if you have a screen porch, you can segment the area with a few drapes. Privacy curtain fabric can match your furniture, too, pulling the area’s style together.

Tip Two: Hang Some Pots and Vines

Who doesn’t like an indoor-outdoor garden? Once you’ve gained a little privacy, get creative with your porch’s greenery. Hang some pots, and string up some Ivy. Greenery is an excellent porch filler, and you have a lot of plants, flowers and vines to choose from. Flowering vines, specifically, are trendy. Capable of reaching 20 feet in mere months, these are awesome economical options for any homeowner.

Tip Three: Opt for Handcrafted Screens

C&T Siding proudly designs, installs and performs maintenance on handcrafted screens. Don’t settle for a generic porch. Your area deserves a personal touch. Every C&T Siding handcrafted screen is customized to the homeowner’s spatial needs, style and space.

Tip Four: Build Benches

We understand: Chairs are portable, manageable and adaptable. We feel you should consider benches as a space-saving option, however. Built-in porch benches are economical, space-wise, giving homeowners a slew of storage options while remaining trendy and comfortable. If you’re browsing our screen porches, pick a design which naturally accommodates for built-in structures.

Tip Five: Install a Sliding Door

If you really want to save space, consider installing a sliding door. Patio doors already take up enough room, and you owe it to your porch’s style to install something sleek. C&T Siding has your patio door covered, and we’re skilled with exterior door installation.

So, what’re you waiting for? Contact C&T Siding today at 651-483-6146, and get the most out of your custom screen porch. Deck it out with awesome amenities, furnishings and space-saving seating options. Then, let our crew add a custom touch—redefining your area with awesome handcrafted options.

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