Eco-Friendly New Roof: Stone Coated Steel

Although traditional asphalt shingles are still the basic paradigm of roofing systems in America, other types of roofs are available and rapidly becoming more popular for both new houses or when an older house needs a replacement roof installed. There is good reason for the shift as technology allows for roofing systems such as stone coated steel which are more environmentally friendly and more durable which reduces the expense of the roof in the long term when compared to traditional roofs. Further, metal roofs don’t have to look like what you expect to see on an old barn or utility building but can be quite beautiful and simulate the look of any other type of roof.

Insulated Attic with Steel Roofing

Every great roof actually starts inside the attic with proper insulation. Local building code determines what is acceptable as a minimum but great contractors tend to build above code to assure you get the best work available which is going to suit your needs for years to come. Of course a wood coating is part of the structure of the roof and is then covered in either tar paper or a synthetic roof covering which is in turn protected by the steel finish covering. Once properly installed, you rarely have to put any more thought into your roof other than the occasional cleaning and perhaps resealing around the chimney and exhaust pipes.

The Process of Zinc, Priming, and Base Coat

Although steel itself is one of the sturdiest building materials available, there is more to the process of a steel roof which assures it doesn’t rust and remains looking as nice as possible for years to come. The first part of the process is to hot-dip the steel with a coating of zinc-aluminum alloy which makes it nearly impervious to rust. An acrylic primer in turn protects the alloy from scratches and is followed with a UV resistant base coat which prepares the roof for its final coat of stone or ceramic.

Ceramic and Finish Coating

The final coat which offers protection and beauty to the roof is made of ceramic coated stone granules. They are naturally resistant to fading from continued exposure to sunlight and storms and are available in a multitude of colors to match your home’s overall design style. Such a process makes a roof which will last a lifetime and when it does need replacement the bulk of the materials are recyclable.

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