Can My Deck Be Damaged By Rainwater?

Between leaf stains, mold and mildew, your deck can take a beating. Whether you’re installing new exterior doors, siding around your deck, or even a screen porch, knowing about hidden water damage helps.

C&T siding wants to keep your deck dry, clean and structurally sound. We’ve installed a lot of screen porches in our time, and we’ve also helped homeowners locate the underlying causes of deck damage. If you own a deck, screened-in or not, you should know how rainwater can damage its wooden foundation.

How Does Moisture Damage a Deck?

So, you’ve installed your new deck. Unfortunately, the trouble can start right away! Your deck sees a lot of water, collecting moisture from the following sources:

●        Morning dew

●        Rainwater

●        Hose water

●        Melting ice

●        Snow

●        Sprinkler water

That’s a lot of water, right? When exposed to these moisture sources, unprotected wood can soften, swell and buckle. The sun plays a part in the damage, too: Direct heat exposure evaporates this moisture, causing the wood to dry, shrink and become further warped.

Stains and Mildew

If your deck is exposed to moisture over time, any leaves, grass, or twigs can stain its wood. Your tree might provide shade, but its falling leaves can spawn mildew, fungi or mold on—or in—your deck’s wood. When the plants, mold, and mildew arrive, the bugs aren’t far behind. It isn’t rare to see a deck which has been corroded from insect attacks.

How Can I Protect My Deck?

You’re in luck, as you can prevent this moisture buildup with ease. To block moisture, mold, mildew, stains, and pests, you need only coat your deck with an EPA-registered wood preservative.

These preservatives are much stronger than regular water sealers. They’ll also outlast the pigmented finishes and stains you’ve applied to the wood. Ideally, you should still have the wood finished and pigmented. Every bit of protection helps.

C&T Siding decks can be fully outfitted with rich colors. Crafted from deep wood grain, these decks were made for beauty, performance, and reliability. Because C&T Siding decks are installed with our Limited Lifetime Warranty, you’ll have even more protection from harmful moisture buildup.

If you’re ready to outfit your deck, spare the wood and have one of the coziest lounging experiences around, contact our team today at 651-483-6146. Or, check out our Custom Deck Builder to have maximum control over your area’s moisture resistance.

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